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Committed to serve our clients to meet their Mission goals


Founded in 2013, Dataonez has been serving its clients, including fortune 500 companies. We are evolving as a Federal Technology Consulting company after proving ourselves in the private sector.  However, the owners and employees are industry veterans with a combined experience of more than 50 years of proven success in implementing large scale and complex technology solutions.

We excel in the following areas:

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Cloud Engineering

  • Intelligent Automation

  • Software Delivery

  • ERP Consulting


With and enduring goal of serving our clients and always putting out client's interest first, we engage with leaders in business and technology at leading corporations worldwide to help them achieve business results in their strategic initiatives.
With an exclusive focus on business execution, our mission brings structured approaches and outside perspectives to help organizations and leaders implement strategies to foster strategic change.

We have clients, including leading global corporations and emerging, innovative companies across a spectrum of industries. We are evolving to serve our nation's federal agencies with same integrity.


Since the inception of Dataonez in 2013, we have been constantly evolving from a digital transformation advisor to Fortune 500 companies, into a trusted advisor to federal agencies, offering clients' mission-critical innovative solutions. All along, we have been committed to incorporating advanced technology, innovations and optimizations that deliver value to our clients, and provide added mission advantage.

At Dataonez, we all have a common enduring goal: Our clients’ interest comes first.



At Dataonez, we are committed to providing our clients with simple and elegant solutions that increase efficiency and enhance mission value. Using advanced technology and streamlined processes, we strive to make government more efficient and secure.

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